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What people say about kakcho

Super Impressed

The tips offered by Kakcho team, helped me understand my body structure and how to look best, be it on a holiday, work or party.

Amazing Job

Thanks for letting me know about my body and giving me the best outfits.

Just changed my shopping thought process

Team Kakcho gave me insights about my body and suggested me what I should wear and buy. You know what? It was just amazing. Team Kakcho is my new found love.


The knowledge there stylist have is amazing. In a very simple and meaningful manner they provide value which is invaluable.


I was not feeling good about my party outfit and then I consulted team Kakcho. My gawdd they just gave me a makeover and everything changed.

Good job

Kakcho connected me with a stylist and my problem was solved very quickly. The pace and detailing with which they operate is just amazing.

Greattt concept Great app....quick.....great work....

by Fashion Basheer
5 star

Amazing interface Finally an app much needed....for keeping up with the trends of fashion

by Utkarsh Shedha
5 star

amazing app 😎 it helped me alot and amazing user interface.

by Prerak Rustagi
5 star

The bestestestest app This has helped me sooo much great app

by Sundeep Singh
5 star

Great app Omg. This app just solved my biggest dilemma.

by Vandana Bhasin
5 star

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